Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thank You Public School

     I would like to thank public school for the following:

Teaching history- revisionist history that is nothing more than an attempt to sway the children to a liberal point of view.  

Covering the election- by introducing middle school children to campaign issues such as abortion, capital punishment, and gun control.  The shrine to Obama in the main hall was also a nice touch.

Attempting to teach values- not MY values, but yours. Which I don't agree with. Basically because you don't actually have any.

Assigning projects- such as "Which amendment would you remove"( of course the 2nd was encouraged) and "Build a GREEN house of the future" or "write a letter to our senator about global warming". 

Celebrating Holidays- every Holiday EXCEPT Christmas.  But I'm pretty sure if there was a "Go fuck a goat in the name of satan day" we would be allowed to celebrate that.

Not tolerating bullying- by having the most ass backward policy of never taking one child's word over the other and actually punishing them both if an incident occurs<---I kid you not.

     All in all, it's been quite an enlightening experience.  I have had to unteach more than I could have ever imagined.  The politically correct atmosphere at public school has run amok.  The teachers feel free to bring their own political views to the classroom, and to tell the children what they SHOULD be thinking.  Really? My taxes pay for this?
     I am lucky that my children do NOT just sit back and accept that their teacher's OPINION is the only opinion.  I am glad that they have the balls to argue when they know something is wrong, or goes against what they've been taught at home. What happens to the children who accept half of the bullshit thrown at them as FACT?

     The one thing that I AM thankful to public school for, is opening my eyes to what is really going on in society.  No wonder there are so many whining assholes who think we can cuddle information out of terrorists, or that disagreeing with them makes you an extremist or a racist.     So, thank you public school for trying your hardest to fuck up my kids- and for giving me the opportunity to stop you before you succeed. 

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  1. I think that's what Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci had in mind when he advocated for the "long march" through the institutions. By the 1930's it had become clear that Marx's dream of a class war/workers' revolution was never going to come to fruition in the United States. So Marxists like Gramsci and Herbert Marcuse readjusted the aim of the movement to focus on deconstructing the institutions that perpetuated American/capitalist/democratic values. Taking over the schools was key.

    The public schools may not be producing scores of Marxist revolutionaries, but they've dumbed down/clouded the minds of/weakened the resolve of/and de-nutted an entire generation (or two) of Americans.