Friday, May 15, 2009

Rules For Reword the Retweet Friday

So, since we've already turned Follow Friday into a complete freakfest, it seems a fun new mind melting game has come about.
It is called Reword the Retweet Friday.
Quick rules:
-you can change any part of the tweet you are going to retweet. You can add or remove parts of the original tweet
-you must put everything you add to the tweet in ALL CAPS
-you must use the hashtag #rwrtf at the end of the tweet

Only reword the retweet  of someone who is playing. LOL
Have fun. See you on twitter!


  1. That post is full of win! Can't explain it any more concisely. Please don't reword this. LOL

  2. One thing to remember
    The way to enter the fray is to reword someone else tweet, that is already involved, ONCE you reword ONE persons then you are open to any other players rewording.

    It only takes place on FRIDAYS from 00:01 AM EST until Midnight EST the same day.

    TWEETs that include persons who are not in the game are exempt from being retweeted.

    There is no such thing as going to far

    DONT forget the hashtag #RWRTF

  3. We need a rules update #nancypelosiofrwrtf, to include all the new rules. ;)