Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Disney channel shows

     So, the Jonas Brothers have a new show on Disney channel.  You would think that this would make me wretch.  I should really hate it.  I really don't!  It made me laugh.  (more than once).
     It seems that I find myself watching Disney channel more and more these days, even if my kids are not home.  I know all of the shows, all of the characters, and all of the theme songs (this includes playhouse Disney), but WHY?
     I think it might have something to do with the fact that the shows are all comedies (which I love), and that they are more like the sitcoms I grew up with than anything on the big three networks.  They remind me of a "Happy Days" kind of sitcom- safe, silly humor. They have just enough "adult" jokes hidden in them to keep them interesting. The Jonas Brother's show actually reminded me of "the Monkeys".  Nickelodeon's "ICarly" and "Drake and Josh" are pretty good too.
     I like shows that I can watch with my kids without having to explain why they shouldn't say the word asshole.  They're aren't too many of them left.  Reality TV is neither reality nor good TV, so that doesn't leave much else.  They're are plenty of dramas, but they are pretty boring.  (except for LOST).
     So there it is, why I watch Disney channel all...wait... Hannah Montana's on.....gotta run

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  1. You love any show that features Raven.

    Just admit it.