Sunday, April 26, 2009

On Susan Boyle

     It seems that everyone has been very caught up in the Susan Boyle story lately.  I honestly don't understand why anyone would connect "looks" with singing ability.  Why would physical beauty have any determination on whether or not you can sing? Why was anyone surprised when she could? 

     Then, just as the media was telling us what fools we all were for doubting the "frumpy" woman's talent, they act completely SHOCKED by the "clean cut" image of the suspected  "Craig's List Killer". HUH? Isn't this the same dumb mistake in reverse?  Last time I checked, murderers didn't have a dress code.
     It seems that the media is completely flabbergasted by a concept that Mom's have always known and passed along to their children : DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER.  It's pretty basic.  If you don't bother to look past someone's physical appearance, you could be missing out on someone really wonderful- or putting yourself in harm's way.
     Should we really be "thinking with our eyes"?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ode to Earthday

Earthday rears it's ugly head
Do I dare get out of bed?
The hippies will be drawing near
spreading all their doom and fear
With protest cries of global warming
to the parks they will be swarming
"Don't barbeque, please don't wear leather,
It's MAN that's fucking up the weather,
Don't be a part of 'the machine'
you know you should be going green.
Animals have rights, didn't you hear?
You're less important than that deer!"
Those whining pricks- my idea's better
get rid of that ugly hemp sweater.
Go comb your dreads, clean up a bit.
How 'bout a shower-you smell like shit!
Go get a job, a husband, wife
You're "movement" isn't really true.
The government is using you
to tax us all to fucking death
and regulate our every breath,
what car to drive, what food to eat
I'm sure they're gonna tax red meat.
You're helping government gain power,
eroding freedom by the hour.
And this won't be ok with you
when they take the things that YOU like too,
and you no longer have a choice,
and none of us will have a voice.
If that day comes, don't cry to me-
I'll say' "go hug a fucking tree"

Monday, April 20, 2009

10 years Later

     It's been ten years since the Columbine massacre, so what have we learned?  I have a few opinions:
-Parents are not nearly as involved with their kids' day-to-day lives as they should be.  It's much harder to build a pipe bomb with someone looking over your shoulder. Planning an all out assault on a school takes planning and time. Maybe our children are being left alone too long.
-Schools are not taking threats and bullying seriously.  Most schools have a "no weapons" policy (even toys), but that doesn't matter if the first time a kid brings a weapon to school, they are firing it.  Bullies should be punished BEFORE they drive an already unstable kid over the edge.  Every threat should be taken seriously.
-The media making "stars" of the kids that do these things only make more kids want to do it.  TV has taken the place of parents' influence on children.  This is dangerous.

That's just my opinion.  What do you think?