Sunday, April 26, 2009

On Susan Boyle

     It seems that everyone has been very caught up in the Susan Boyle story lately.  I honestly don't understand why anyone would connect "looks" with singing ability.  Why would physical beauty have any determination on whether or not you can sing? Why was anyone surprised when she could? 

     Then, just as the media was telling us what fools we all were for doubting the "frumpy" woman's talent, they act completely SHOCKED by the "clean cut" image of the suspected  "Craig's List Killer". HUH? Isn't this the same dumb mistake in reverse?  Last time I checked, murderers didn't have a dress code.
     It seems that the media is completely flabbergasted by a concept that Mom's have always known and passed along to their children : DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER.  It's pretty basic.  If you don't bother to look past someone's physical appearance, you could be missing out on someone really wonderful- or putting yourself in harm's way.
     Should we really be "thinking with our eyes"?

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  1. Ah but the radio and tv people tell us daily that only pretty people can sing and act take Brit Brit, she provides some of the best lipsync in the business. And all those back street boys and their excellent musical skills.