Monday, April 20, 2009

10 years Later

     It's been ten years since the Columbine massacre, so what have we learned?  I have a few opinions:
-Parents are not nearly as involved with their kids' day-to-day lives as they should be.  It's much harder to build a pipe bomb with someone looking over your shoulder. Planning an all out assault on a school takes planning and time. Maybe our children are being left alone too long.
-Schools are not taking threats and bullying seriously.  Most schools have a "no weapons" policy (even toys), but that doesn't matter if the first time a kid brings a weapon to school, they are firing it.  Bullies should be punished BEFORE they drive an already unstable kid over the edge.  Every threat should be taken seriously.
-The media making "stars" of the kids that do these things only make more kids want to do it.  TV has taken the place of parents' influence on children.  This is dangerous.

That's just my opinion.  What do you think?


  1. Good point. But I think kids are growing up more fragile now... I got the shit bullied out of me when I was in school but I never whipped out a gun and "made them pay" if you will. I bettered myself and motivated myself to just be better them and showed them they were nothing and bullying was all they had. I don't know what is necessarily to blame for this, but I don't think it solely lies on the parents and authority figures. Rules will always be broken regardless of how strictly their enforced, but there has to be a way to turn this aggression back into motivation.

  2. I think it goes further than parental involvement. It doesn't seem that kids are being taught to be responsible for their actions & that those actions have consequences.
    I've seen firsthand what happens when parents excuse their kids' bad decisions.