Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ode to Earthday

Earthday rears it's ugly head
Do I dare get out of bed?
The hippies will be drawing near
spreading all their doom and fear
With protest cries of global warming
to the parks they will be swarming
"Don't barbeque, please don't wear leather,
It's MAN that's fucking up the weather,
Don't be a part of 'the machine'
you know you should be going green.
Animals have rights, didn't you hear?
You're less important than that deer!"
Those whining pricks- my idea's better
get rid of that ugly hemp sweater.
Go comb your dreads, clean up a bit.
How 'bout a shower-you smell like shit!
Go get a job, a husband, wife
You're "movement" isn't really true.
The government is using you
to tax us all to fucking death
and regulate our every breath,
what car to drive, what food to eat
I'm sure they're gonna tax red meat.
You're helping government gain power,
eroding freedom by the hour.
And this won't be ok with you
when they take the things that YOU like too,
and you no longer have a choice,
and none of us will have a voice.
If that day comes, don't cry to me-
I'll say' "go hug a fucking tree"


  1. I felt the underlying love and devotion to mother earth.

  2. Wow that was so eloquently written! (yes, I know I'm a dork for commenting on a two month old post)