Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Governor...and Zombies!

So New Jersey has elected a new governor. Chris Christie....a republican. That may seem like a great achievement by itself, but considering how the dead vote in New Jersey, it's almost a miracle.

Last time I checked, most of the free range zombies in the state are Democrats. My personal zombie hoard was locked up tight in the dungeo...I mean basement....oh fuck it- it's a dungeon. I counted them twice last night just to be sure they were all there. I have them trained to vote Republican, but they get ooze all over the ballots and it's a pain in the ass to try to mail them in that way.

The democrats in this state must have lost control of their zombies. Maybe they were all gay and went to Taxachewsettes to get married. Wait... is zombie marriage legal there yet?

Anyway, I hope our new Governor does what he says he will do. It would be nice to see the taxes here decreased. The state needs a good cleaning. Only time will tell now. Hopefully he keeps his promises.....

If not, I could always let the hoard out.... :D

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